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Proposed bylaws changes

CORD's board of directors is proposing the following changes to the organization's bylaws. The current bylaws are available on CORD's website at or by calling the office at 508-775-8300 (V/TTY). Dues-paying members have six weeks to comment on these proposed changes before they will be put to a vote at the annual meeting.

Article II - Purpose
Change 2.1 to read: "The purpose of the organization is to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and to promote a barrier-free environment for all. The organization shall also provide independent living services to people with disabilities.

Reason for change: This streamlined mission statement will serve CORD better when applying for funding and speaking with supporters.

Article V - Board of Directors
Change 5.1 Number and Eligibility to read: "The organization's board of directors shall consist of nine persons who shall be appointed by the board. A nominating committee established by the board of directors will recommend candidates to be appointed by a majority vote of the existing board..."
The change to this section is in the number of board members and how they become board members. The rest of the section remains the same.

Reason for change: It has been extremely difficult to keep an 11-member board intact and to get board members from the general membership.

Article V - Board of Directors

5.1 Number and Eligibility - add: "CORD's executive director will be a voting member of the board."

Article V - Board of Directors

5.2 Term, change the final sentence to read: "Terms may be extended by the board chairperson if there is a delay in appointing new members."

Article V - Board of Directors
Remove 5.3 Elections

Reason for change: It is easier to keep the board at capacity when members are appointed as opposed to scheduling meetings, which have not been well attended, to hold elections.

Article V - Board of Directors

Change 5.4 Vacancies to read: "In the event of a vacancy on the board of directors, the board nominating committee will appoint a person to fill out the unexpired term. A person appointed to fill a vacancy will serve only until that term would normally expire. He or she may then request consideration for service on the board through the nominating committee."

Article V - Board of Directors
Remove 5.11 General Membership Meetings

Reason for change: While we strive to hold an annual meeting each year, we struggle to get it scheduled and for member attendance. We will continue to make efforts to hold an annual meeting but should remove it from the bylaws.

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