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Section 8 Federal Housing Subsidy

Section 8 Project-Based Certificate Assistance is attached to the unit and cannot move with the consumer. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rules apply. Tenants pay 30% of their household income toward rent.

The Section 8 Certificate Program and the Section 8 Voucher Program are the most well-known housing programs. Consumers apply directly to a local housing authority or non-profit agency (such as the Housing Assistance Corp.) for these certificates of vouchers. If you are eligible, you must find a landlord who will accept this subsidy and you be given 120 days to find a unit (house or apartment). You will pay 30% of your household income toward rent. Some Section 8s are mobile, meaning you can use them anywhere in the United States. To find out if your Section 8 is mobile, ask the administering agency.

CORD can help you to understand the type of housing subsidy you have. The subsidies differ, as do the laws that protect you in public housing.

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