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You've Got Rights

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Auto Laws

The Massachusetts Handicap Plate and Placard Law entitles holders to park in HP spaces. A placard can be used in different vehicles and an HP plate is issued to a specific vehicle which must be owned by the person with the disability. Remember, only you can use your plate or placard. Allowing others to use it can result in the plate or placard being revoked. It also denies an accessible parking space to someone who needs it. HP plates and placards are issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

The Massachusetts Gas Station Law states that gas stations with both self-service and full-service pumps must pump your gas at the self-service pumps if you have an HP plate or placard and you can't be charged the higher full-services price. Signs explaining this service must be posted at the pumps. Exceptions include self-service only stations with only one employee and convenience stores with self-service pumps.

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